Friday, June 4, 2010

Aloha Friday ~ Jaws

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha  Friday.  In Hawaii, Aloha Friday    is the day that we take it easy and  look forward to the weekend. So I    thought that on Fridays I would  take it easy on posting, too.

Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that     requires a lengthy response.  If you’d like to participate, just  post    your own question on your blog and leave your link below. Don’t   forget   to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new   bloggy friends!

Our lovely daughter always asks to go to the beach during the summer. She recently watch a small video clip of Jaws while we were visiting our family out of town. So when I asked her, "So should we go to the beach this year?", she replied, "No mommy! That shark will eat me up and then you will only have my brother."

When you think of the ocean, what movie comes to mind?


  1. An oldie, but goody that comes to mind is South Pacific. Another would be Titanic ;)

  2. A horrible oil spill and the poor wildlife stuck in it.

    Have a great Friday!

  3. Beaches. Sad but good movie. :)

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  4. Beaches and wishing that LA had beaches.

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  6. Titanic

    Happy Friendly Friday :)

  7. I hate to say Jaws...but what kids has not been traumatized by that one??
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  9. Hmmm. What movie.... I don't really have a movie in mind since I vacation at the beach. We live over here on the West Coast and I can be at the beach in about 20 minutes. So movies don't come to mind, but wonderful camping trips to the beach do! Especially the ones where we spend a week catching crab out of the ocean every night for dinner! YUM! No big sharks up here ;-)

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