Saturday, November 1, 2014

Define Bottle Review AND Giveaway Part of Mom Powered Media's HGG!

define bottle HGG
Sponsor: Define Bottle

I had the amazing chance to review a Define Bottle.  I loved everything to do with this bottle.  This bottle from head to top was absolutely perfect!  This bottle has 2 glass pieces (which I thought was great).
 As you can see from the pictures above I've enjoyed the Define Bottle with at least 3 different cocktails!  From left to right the flavours are: Lemon and water,  Orange, fresh mint, and water,  Orange, cranberries and fresh mint.

This bottle is so easy to use!  All that I would do is...

 1.Make sure that its all tight! You dont want a leak!
 2. Place the bottle upside down (make sure lid is closed)
 3. I added whatever fruit I decided on using that say.  You can use whatever your heart desires!  I stuck to safe things my first couple of uses but I will be experimenting soon enough!
 4. I would pour the water into the part where I just placed the fruit.  I would use a spoon to "squish" it down  There is a divider as you can see from the pictures above the fruit etc stays at the bottom.
 5. Your done!  Its seriously as easy as that!  Like I said this bottle is my new best friend!  I use it everywhere I go and I've had so many people ask me about it in just the few times I've posted pictures on my personal facebook page!

 I think that every family should have one for every member in their families!  Its a great way to get your "flavoured" water and its very healthy too!  My 3 year old was all over drinking this thinking it was juice!  I'll take that!  Just the thought that she's drinking something so much better for her than so many things out there makes me feel that much better!  


An eco chic fruit infused water bottle to take on the go. Make your water as unique as you.
We believe we can take better control of our health by giving our bodies something that is natural, healthy, and refreshing to drink;at the same time protecting our planet. Let's start to reverse the type 2 diabetes and obesity epidemic by getting back to the basics. Connect with us to help change the way we hydrate. Fresh fruit infused water is pure and simple.
Company Overview
The Define Bottle was found by me, a 14 year old entrepreneur. After watching “super size me”, I began to research the negative health effects of soda and juice. Diabetes and obesity sounded like terrible diseases and I desired to do something about it. So, I saw the need to make a sustainable, portable version of these pitchers for people on the go.
The Define Bottle is an eco-chic reusable fruit infusion water bottle to take on the go. The first of its kind, it is designed to be functional yet fashionable. This beautifully crafted infusion bottle is BPA free and made with the finest materials including real bamboo. With a variety of fruits, herbs, and teas the options for healthy and fresh tasting infused water are endless. The Define Bottle will become part of your daily life, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of fruit infused water, anywhere your active lifestyle takes you. Because we care about the environment as much as you, the Define Bottle is sustainable and will help you to reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the use of reusable plastic water bottles. The United States disposes of 50 billion plastic water bottles a year and this plastic can take up to 700 years to break down. What makes Define Bottle different than any other bottle out there? The multiple chambers come apart and then quickly reassemble making this easy to clean. Our re-freezable base piece is designed to keep your fruit cool and fresh as you go about your day. The middle strainer piece is designed to keep your fruit away from the mouth piece and close to the re-freezable base piece to keep your fruit fresh longer. Define Bottle Giveaway Rules:
  • one person per household
  • age of majority where you reside
  • void where prohibited
  • 48 hours to respond to winning email
  • ends Nov 14/14
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